Kuningamäe health trails await you in the center of Estonia – Põltsamaa!

During winter Kuningamäe offers a lit 1.5km skiing course of which 1.3km is covered in artificial snow. The trail is lit till 22.00. Kuningamäe offers a variety of skiing trails ranging from 1.1km to 3km and a hiking trail that is 5.2km long. There are available both classic style and skate style tracks. On the trail, depending on the circumstances, we use natural or artificial snow and maintance is done regularly.

Health trails during the summer: Runners, walkers and cyclists can choose between 3 marked trails: 1.1; 1.5 and 5.2km.

Kuningamäe ski slope: A place for all snowboarders and skiiers to learn and enjoy different type of mountain spoŕt activities.

Discgolf course: The 18-holed Kuningamäe discgolf course you can put to yourself to the test with longer or shorter throws. Discgolf course has different courses depending on the number of holes, water obstacles and different paths in forest. The trail is more suitable for those who are a little more advanced. At the start of the course you can find a full map of the area, stretching wall, bike shed and parking area for the cars.

All trails are free to use! Welcome to Kuningamäe!