Sports club

The club was created on 01.11.2013. in Kamari. The club was created because for about 10 years we drove our kids to Saarepeedi for ski training, and also to Viljandi, so finally we decided to create our own opportunities to train in our home area as well. There were three families involved in the creation of the sports club.

The main focus of the sports club is aimed at sports enthusiast, training young people and
training and creating a sporting environment for its members.


The purpose of the club is to promote sports lifestyles,
and to organizing training sessions for children and young people, also for club members to play sports
creating and developing favorable conditions and developing the level of health sports
to competitive sports and increasing the social and physical activity of its members.

The member of the club can be any person who fits the requirements,
agrees with the set goals of the club and is willing to comply with the clubs statute, decisions of management and general meetings.
The member is also obligated to regularly pay the membership fee.


  • Eno Vahtra – senior coach : specialization skiing, cross country skiing, biathlon
  • Hanna-Brita Kaasik- specialization skiing, cross country skiing, biathlon
  • Klaus Mark Kolpakov- specialization skiing, cross country skiing, biathlon