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Põltsamaa Ski tour 2022

Kuningasõit 2022

Lumetrall 2021

Põltsamaa Ski tour 2021 manual:

2021 km Fresh air

„2021km VĂ„RSKES Ă•HUS“ the purpose of the initiative is to invite residents of Põltsamaa parish and people outside the parish to move more outside and use more Põltsamaa parish health trails, skating rinks and other sports places. From the year 2021 onwards, 4 different months are given in different seasons (January, April, July, October). Our common goal with the residents of Põltsamaa parish is to cover 2021 kilometers in the fresh air during each given month – the kilometers must be covered in Põltsamaa parish.

Everyone’s participation is very welcome, whether it’s walking, running, cycling, skating or rollerblading, skiing or roller skiing, kilometers on the disc golf course, swimming in the summer or any physical activity that can be recorded with a mobile app (everyone’s results will remain confidential!). For example, if you go to work on foot or by bike, you can also record your kilometers in this case. The kilometers covered in competitions also count (but they must take place in Põltsamaa parish).

✏️ Submitting kilometers:
To record the kilometers, please use any mobile application that can save the distance and make a “screenshot” of it – and send it to – for the title use 2021 kilometers and be sure to include your name or names with whom you covered the distance at the end of the letter!
Results can be sent up to 2 weeks after the end of the month.
If you have several distances at the end of the month, it would be good if you send them at the end of the month at the same time and in one letter.
🏅 Everyone whose contribution is at least 30km every month will receive a gift!
🏅 Everyone who contributes less than 30km every month will be entered into a draw for raffle prize!

See also FB event “2021 km VĂ„RSKES Ă•HUS / jaanuar”

2021km 4 months
January 01.01.2021-31.01.2021
April 01.04.2021 – 30.04.2021
July 01.07.2021 – 31.07.2021
October 01.10.2021 – 31.10.2021
If you have any questions then contact: Marko Uusküla +372 58549499 või
SA Põltsamaa Sport